About us

Who we are.

About us

PFL is an abbreviation for “Partners For Life” it was founded in July 2010 with relationships at heart. The organization was formed after seeing the need to help the single, married, teenagers, youth and young adults. The idea is to value, counsel, teach abstinence to teenagers, young adults before they are economically empowered and enhance and improve healthy relationships.We are a non governmental organization operating as a Private Voluntary organization registered with Social Welfare in Zimbabwe. PFL is not affiliated to any organization.

Our Core Values

As an organization we promise to offer quality educative programs to the teenagers, young adults and married couples.


Why Choose Us?

We are a voluntary organization and therefore all our services are voluntary and free.Come and let us talk

They say prevention is better than cure , we are here to work tirelessly to prevent a lot of hurt and problems that can be prevented. Lets prevent child marriages and pregnancies, STI's, divorces. We can help you!

We are very much committed to healthy and long lasting relationships, these form the backbone of a happy and healthy society.