Building and creating strong and healthy relationships.

We help relationships and marriages prosper.

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We provide proffesional assistance.

We provide assistance, advice and counselling to teenagers, young people and married couples.


- To provide healthy relationships to teenagers ,young adults and married couples.


To help families to stick to one healthy lifelong partner by teaching the importance of abstinence before they are economically empowered to teenagers, young adults and imparting self-sustenance life skills that generate income.


To build and create sustainable healthy relationships through psycho social support and life skills impartment.


Making a difference in the society.


The Services we offer

Our Services

The Services We offer.


We provide professional assistance and guidance on resolving emotions , psychological problems and difficulties faced by individuals.

Teaching abstinence

Helping teenagers and young adults to restrain from sexual activities before they are economically empowered, so that they are able to overcome/prevent early pregnancies, HIV/AIDS, STIs, psychological, social, financial problems.

PsychoSocial support

We understand that everyone needs shelter education and food but people go through a lot of problems loss of their loved ones and victims of flooding, poverty, conflicts, abuse and sometimes these children witness atrocities. We are here to offer them emotional support, to show love, protection and care for them.

Teaching life skills

Ability to teach people and deal with their stresses and frustration so that they are able to handle pressure at work, home and their everyday lives. People need to learn how to solve certain issues so that they remain relevant to the society they live in.

Teaching self sustenance income generating project

Providing assistance to youth and married couples so that they are able to sustain their families. We identify projects that are within their range of capabilities.

Encouraging young people and married couples to be tested for HIV

Helping people to know their status and live positively whether with HIV or without..